Here is Your Roadside Emergency Kit Essentials

Here are just a few of the important items that should be packed inside the road emergency kit you keep in your car.

A bag with a handful of assorted tools can go a long way in making small repairs and getting your vehicle to be able to limp to the nearest service station.

Triangles or road flares are very important because they can alert speeding drivers to slow down as they get near your vehicle so they don't cause an accident.

Tire fix-a-flat will help you get enough air into the tires so that you can get the tread off the rim and move off the freeway or to a gas station.

Flashlights are a must for any emergency kit, just be sure that you have plenty of batteries in case you're stuck in the dark all night.

We all hope this guide provided by Thompson Mazda will keep you from being stranded with a roadside emergency.
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