Driving with Food for the Holidays

A lot of people will be taking to the roads this holiday season, and many will be tasked with transporting delicious holiday foods to their friends and families. This is why our team here at Thompson Mazda would like to offer you some suggestions for traveling safely with your food items.

If you’re considering traveling with cakes, pies, casseroles, or any other items that need to remain warm, you can’t go wrong with a quality 12-volt mini portable oven. These devices are insulated, and they're designed to be plugged into your vehicle's lighter-socket, which will make bringing that warm fruitcake to your next holiday gathering a breeze.

If you’re traveling with foods smothered in rich, tasty sauces, we recommend using a travel casserole dish with a secure rubber lid. Doing so will help keep those sauces stay where they belong instead of spilling all over your vehicle’s upholstery.

Traveling during the holidays can be a challenge, especially with food, but with a little planning, making it to your holiday destination can be as easy as pie.

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