Can Paint Be Friendly to the Environment? Mazda’s Aqua-Tech Paint is!

Did you ever think that paint for your vehicle could be friendly to the environment? With Mazda’s Aqua-Tech Paint, this innovative paint accomplishes this! Not only do you want an exterior paint job that illuminates and shines, but wouldn’t it be ideal to have a paint that didn’t emit so much waste during the painting process? Mazda’s Aqua-Tech Paint presents an innovative process that delivers a radiating shine and a water-based paint that reduces harmful emissions. There are three different layers that get applied to the vehicle during Mazda’s Aqua-Tech Paint painting system. These three layers provide a thick coat of paint that is uniform when applied. After the completion of the process, you are left with an idyllic paint job on a Mazda vehicle.

If you are impressed with Mazda’s Aqua-Tech Paint, just think of all of the other possibilities that get offered inside of a new Mazda vehicle. Mazda continuously brings the customers advanced aspects to their vehicles to make purchasing one of them ideal. Check out our new Mazda inventory today at Thompson Mazda in Baltimore, MD. We can show you why Mazda is a great choice for your next vehicle.

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