Car Care Tips

Taking care of your car is serious business. This is not just for keeping up the resale value, and extending the life of your vehicle, its a safety issue. Here are our top tips for caring for your car.

Get Your Mazda ready for Spring

Who is ready for Spring? Your vehicle has just survived winter. As we head into the warmer months its important to get your Mazda tuned up, cleaned up, and ready to go!

Car Shopping for Families

Let's face it, if you have kids, there are just some types of cars that you shouldn't buy. For example, a two-seater coupe may be your 'special car', but in reality it would not end up getting driven very often.  Check out these options of 'buy this, not that!'

Used Car Shopping

Shopping for a used car can be exciting and fun. It's like getting a new member of the family.  If you are a parent, it can be tricky finding a car that works best for your family. There are many things to consider.  Your family can dictate the type of car you drive.

Car Financing Tips

Purchasing a vehicle, whether it's pre-owned or new is a huge move. More than likely you don't have thousands of dollars just sitting around - this means that you'll need to finance a vehicle. Here are some FAQs about car financing.

Know Your Car's Trade-in Worth

At some point in your car's life, you may be ready for an upgrade. You may want newer tech or safety features. The great thing about purchasing from a dealership is 'the trade-in'. You can easily turn in your old car - and automatically have money to put towards your new car!

Pets in the Car Safety

While some pet owners arrange so that they can hit the road and leave their pets at home, happily with a pet sitter, some people plan on taking their pups on the road with them. That is great when you can do it, and it can be done safely. Please read these very important tips on keeping your pets safe in the car

Defensive Driving

We all could use a refresher course on defensive driving. Defensive driving means that one is constantly "looking out for potential problems before they can occur."  How does one drive defensively? Below are some tips to be aware of for you to effectively practice defensive driving:

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